AIS/B Location

AIS/B is located in a suburb of the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, in the heart of South America. Bolivia is one of the countries with the greatest ecological diversity and beauty in the world. From the high Andes in Bolivia’s west to the Pampas in the South to the Amazon rainforest in the east and north, Bolivia spans the entire range of South America’s diverse environments. The people of Bolivia are warm and welcoming, culturally diverse and rich in heritage and tradition.
Cochabamba, located in the center of Bolivia, is located in a broad valley surrounded by mountains. Its elevation is 2,574 meters (or 8,445 feet). It is a city with a metropolitan population of just under one million people and is known for its year-round warm temperature and low humidity, beautiful gardens, and excellent food. It has a thriving nightlife and a diverse cultural scene. It is often called “The Garden City” and “The City of Eternal Spring”.