Elementary info

Calendar and Times:

The school schedule for the Elementary School is organized by trimesters. The school year begins in early August and ends at by the end of May with a 3-week break from mid-December to mid-January.

Elementary students attend school for a full-day, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and are required to participate in at least one of the school’s extracurricular activities which take place from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m one day a week.

Elementary Students Benefit from:

  • English Immersion: All instruction in Elementary classrooms is given in English with the exception of Spanish and Bolivian history which are both taught four days per week; all Elementary teachers are bilingual.
  • Spanish Class:  All elementary students take intensive Spanish classes four days per week.
  • Mandarin: All elementary students have the opportunity to join the Mandarin club, an extracurricular activity introducing the Mandarin language and Chinese culture one day per week.
  • Computer, Art, Music, and Physical Education:  All elementary students take computer, art, music and physical education classes, which includes swimming.
  • Classes: AIS/B is committed to small classes of between 25 and 30.
  • Commitment of Faculty to Students:AIS/B faculty members are committed to every individual student and work hard to ensure that every student is at grade level in every subject and is making sufficient progress in learning English and Spanish.  AIS/B will accept non-English and non-Spanish speaking students and those who enter under their grade level and the school will help them to catch up to the level of their class!
  • A Warm, Caring Environment:AIS/B teachers care about their students and provide individualized attention to the needs of each child in their classroom.
  • Access to Counseling Services: The AIS/B counseling staff is highly qualified and continually works to develop and improve students’ academic evaluation, psychological intervention and disciplinary processes.
  • Supplemental Materials and Programs:  Phonics Plus Whole-Language Based Elementary Literature Program; Monterey Reading, Spelling and Math Enrichment program; a program that nurtures reading for pleasure; and Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) program
  • Tutoring Programs:  Homework Club, Peer Tutoring Program for those who need help in specific subjects.
  • Academic Honors:  Honor Roll, President’s Award for Educational Excellence (U.S.), National Junior Honor Society (U.S.)
  • Extracurricular Activities:   Mandarin, Dance, Music Club, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Homework Club.
  • Events and Projects:  Annual Walkathon, Talent Show, Annual Folkloric Dance Festival, Science Fair, Art Contests, Holiday Season Show, Holiday Parties, Field and Camping Trips, Bake Sales, and Spirit Week.

Elementary School Life

AIS/B is committed to helping their students develop into well-rounded individuals.  From the arts to entrepreneurship to sports to social interaction, AIS/B seeks to ensure that elementary students develop a base of interests and skills on which to build in secondary school.  AIS/B, therefore, offers a variety of after school extracurricular activities for elementary students at no extra charge to parents, and organizes events, field trips and parties that help children broaden their experience and sharpen social skills.

Elementary Extracurricular Activities take place for one hour and thirty minutes after school one day a week and include:

  • Mandarin Club
  • Dance
  • Music Club
  • SoccerSchool
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Academic support

Major events for AIS/B elementary:

Elementary school students undertake various activities throughout the year; including:

  • The Annual Walkathon for Humanity
  • Science Fairs
  • The Annual Folkloric Dance Show
  • The Annual Talent Show
  • The Annual Dance and Music Festival

Other school events include:

  • Field trips and Camping Trips
  • Children’s Day Party
  • Art Contests
  • Bake Sales
  • Spirit Week