Our facilities and services

Facilities(Interactive Map and pics)




AIS/B boasts a beautiful campus on four hectares of land on the outskirts of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Because Cochabamba has springtime weather all year around, AIS/B students have ample opportunity to enjoy the campus for extracurricular activities and recess. The campus includes a swimming pool, basketball court, a tennis court, four soccer fields, green areas and two children’s playgrounds.

AIS/B also has facilities for academic activities such as:

 A well-equipped media center

  • A computer laboratory with modern computers and full Internet access. Every student at AIS/B develops skills at the computer lab
  • A well-equipped library with a large English collection (6750 titles) and a total of 6830 publications
  • Science laboratories for the study of biology, physics and chemistry
  • Music, art and video rooms
  • Modern well-equipped classrooms
  • A New Cafeteria
  • An all-purpose room that opens to a stage facing seating outdoors
  • An elevator in main building for handicapped access
  • A secured perimeter
  • Ample parking

AIS/B services are according to the demands of our students, with all the services necessary for the students to feel as comfortable as possible.


AIS/B services are according to the demands of our students, with all the services necessary for the students to feel as comfortable as possible.

  • Transportation services by minibus or bus to all students from home to school and vice versa, and the service is also used on field trips. The vehicles are in good condition and are driven by professional drivers. Students have a door-to-door shuttle service and drivers ensure that children in general, especially younger ones, are received by an adult at the door of their homes.

The class schedule runs from 8:00 to 15:00, so the buses arrive at school with students around 7:45, leaving the school around 15:00. Extracurricular activities are conducted from 15:00 to 16:30 so have a second round leaving the school around 16:45. The Initial Level (Pre-Kinder) has a special schedule, from 8:00 until 11:30; a van is responsible for transporting children home at 11:30.

  • Nurse The school nurse is responsible for the health and well-being of all children in school with particular concern for:  

Illness The school nurse is responsible for calling the parents about illness.  All outbreaks of contagious diseases should be reported to the school nurse immediately.  These include chickenpox, measles, mumps, etc.

Accidents Depending on the severity, accidents during school hours will be first dealt with by the school nurse and then, if necessary, by the school insurance clinics.  All accidents are reported immediately by the school to the parent or guardian of the injured child.   For this reason it is of the upmost importance that the emergency telephone numbers provided to the school at the beginning of each school year be continually updated by the parents.

  • Library and Computer Center The Library and Media Center provides a range of books, and online resources to inspire a lifelong love of reading and to support the curriculum. We also have PCs, available for students to use, television and DVD.
  • Student Insurance for personal accidents All students are covered by accident insurance. It is mandatory that all students take the Insurance against Accidents; if the student has another health insurance, the parent must submit a photocopy of the current insurance and complete the respective form.
  • Cafeteria The cafeteria offers a full lunch, snacks, and soft drinks. Students may also bring their own lunches to school. There is a refrigerator provided for student use and storage of lunches, as well as a microwave for students to heat lunches.

The school lunch service at the cafeteria is managed for professional staff. Menus are prepared with healthy and natural foods. During lunch, children are attended by experienced staff that prepare and serve the food, there are also teachers responsible for the students who supervise them and share the lunch time with them.

The school cafeteria is an excellent opportunity to put into practice our educative goals in an area where health, socializing and good manners are very important.