Languages Program & TOEFL

The language program is one component in the education of AIS/B that sets us apart from other schools in the world that provide the International Baccalaureate. Our language program is designed under the commitment to train bilingual students who have a comparative advantage relative to other international educational institutions.


Known as the international language, English is the official language in the world of
business and other areas. AIS/B is committed to its students in teaching English at a high level and fluency. Most instruction is conducted in English, except for certain subjects in high school required to obtain the Bolivian High School Diploma. AIS/B graduates are completely fluent in English and are therefore able to enter university in any English-speaking country.


Spanish is the principal language of Bolivia and the native language of many AIS/ B students. Non-Spanish speaking students who enter the school, especially in their early years, quickly become fluent in Spanish from interaction with their peers and the school’s Spanish program. In elementary school, students take intensive Spanish courses four days per week. In secondary school, courses necessary for the Bolivian Diploma are taught in Spanish.


Mandarin is the language of an ancient and complex culture that is increasingly gaining importance due to economic growth in the Republic of China in the international arena. In the primary and secondary levels, AIS/B offers the Mandarin language as a third language. Upon graduation, students in AIS/B are bilingual in Spanish and English and master a third language of their choice whether it be Mandarin, French, German or Dutch.