About American International School of Bolivia

The American International School of Bolivia (AISB) welcomes you!

The American International School of Bolivia, located in the heart of South America, is a co-educational school serving students from Pre-Kinder through 12th grade. The first language of instruction is English and the second is Spanish, forming bilingual students. AISB’s main objective is to provide each student with the necessary tools to achieve their full potential and exercise the role of a concerned citizen in the global scenario. To achieve this goal, the school combines academic excellence with modern teaching methods through a combination of classes, language immersion activities, and extracurricular activities in sports, arts, music and community service projects, while at the same time preparing students to master at least two languages, all within an atmosphere of solidarity that ensures that every student succeeds.


  • We are the only school in Bolivia that offers three distinct diplomas: The Bolivian, from the Bolivian Ministry of Education,the American (AdvancED / SACS) and the International Baccauleareate Diploma(IB).
  • We are the only school in Cochabamba that offers the IB Diploma.
  • We have a rigorous academic program with high standards that ensure success in college and beyond.
  • We form students who have received generous scholarships to study in the U.S. and Europe through our contacts with recognized universities abroad.
  • We form students who are fully bilingual in English and Spanish and graduate with an advanced level in a third language (French or Mandarin).
  • We focus on high-level reading, writing and math.
  • We have highly qualified and experienced teachers.
  • We maintain close communication with parents regarding the learning and development of their children.
  • We provide an ethical and multicultural education to create an environment where every student feels safe and comfortable.
  • We offer extracurricular activities: sports, music, art, etc. and we developthe social consciousness of our students through the Community Service Program.
  • We offer top level infrastructure.


Important Information:

Educational Features
Small number of students in each class (25-30)
International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)
Accreditations South American Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) for the U.S. High School Diploma (AdvancEd).

Bolivian Ministry of Education according to Resolution. Ministerial Decree No. 108 for the Bolivian High School Diploma.

Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA)
Grades Pre-Kinder 3 – 12th
International Baccalaureate

U.S.High School Diploma

Bolivian High SchoolDiploma

Language of Instruction

Spanish for national graduation requirements

Additional Languages Offered

French and Mandarin from 3rd grade

Quecha fom 1st grade

Teaching Methods
Multiple Intelligences at all levels

Multimodal accommodation at all levels.

Supplemental Programs
Supplemental Programs Phonics Plus Whole-Language Based Elementary Literature Program.

Monterey Reading, Spelling and Math enrichment Program

Supplemental SMILE Mathematics Program for secondary students

Elementary Reading Readiness Program that nurtures reading for pleasure

Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) program


Curriculum International Baccalaureate Curriculum combined with American and Bolivian systems

Human rights education

Special focus on multiculturalism, especially bringing together the cultures of the school’s international student body

Tutoring Program
Academic Support

Peer Tutoring Program in specific subjects as needed

Individual Tutoring Sessions for Secondary Students with Teachers

Preparatory classes for college entrance exams (SAT and PSAT)

Makeup courses for secondary students

Student Honors Programs Elementary Honor Roll

National Honor Society (U.S.)

National Junior Honor Society (U.S.)

President’s Award for Educational Excellence (U.S.)

Community Service Award Program

Student Leadership Honor Program

Talent Award Program

Campus and Facilities
Campus and Facilities Located on four hectares, our campus includes a swimming pool, four soccer fields, a basketball court,  two children’s playgrounds, cafeteria, library, two computer lab, science labs, and music, art and video rooms. The school is handicapped accessible with an elevator in the main building.
Services Insurance against accidents, Door to Door bus services and cafeteria services.

Who are we?

Founded in 1993, AISB is the only school in Bolivia that offers the International Baccalaureate program in Spanish and English, while combining preparation for the International Baccalaureate (IB) with the American and Bolivian Diplomas. AISB is committed to the success of each of its students, and with this goal, when students enter the school with a low level in a specific academic area or language, teachers work with their students from the beginning and strive to bring these students up to the level of the rest of their classmates.

The school has an academically rigorous curriculum that generates and develops critical thinking skills and problem solving, while building the strengths of each individual student. The academic plan of study combines the requirements for the International Baccalaureate (IB), and the American and Bolivian diplomas. To this end, AISB includes multimedia resources in their entire curriculum, using computers, videos and other systems to reinforce concepts and traditional teaching methods. Upon graduation, students are characterized by being bilingual in English and Spanish, with additional deep knowledge of either Quechua, French or Mandarin.

AISB students are enthusiastic learners as they participate in varied activities including sports, acting, fine arts, student government, student newspaper and Community Service. AISB students work hard but also have fun. The classes are designed to be stimulating and friendships formed are long lasting. School life is full of activities, projects and celebrations. In a short period of time, our students are academically trained and ready to face the world.

The IB is recognized worldwide as a prestigious achievement, and universities around the world admit students with the International Baccalaureate. At the same time, the American High School diploma opens doors to universities in the United States and the academic rigor found in AISB enables our students to achieve their career dreams and succeed in life.