Secondary education at the AISB has a whole child approach that sees Curricular and Co-Curricular activities as both key and essential to the development of the student.

A range of sporting, academic and artistic opportunities are presented alongside community service and leadership opportunities.

In Lower Secondary all students are expected to choose a minimum of 2 activities (1 of which should be sport).  Of course, most students choose more than 2 and have a packed and enjoyable program.

In Middle & Upper Secondary students again choose a minimum of 2 activities, but 1 of these should be from the 'Community Service' program that see's students gain experience in a variety of settings from orphanages and old people’s homes to assisting on youth parliaments and councils.

Throughout the Co-Curricular programme students take part in events such as the Plurinational Games, United Nations Youth Parliament or the National Friendship Games, amongst others.  The aim is to develop the whole student ready to take their place as an active and responsible member of their community and wider society.