Parental engagement

In the Secondary School, both the lower, middle and upper section parents play a key role in their child's learning.  Whilst the year starts with a parental conference 'Back to School Night', where tutors from grades 7-12 present information to parents and parents have the opportunity to air opinions and seek answers to any questions, this is not the only occasion when parents can seek help and assistance.  Throughout the year Secondary School offers opportunities for parents to hold conferences with teachers and class tutors to discuss student learning and progress.  It is a good opportunity for both parties to work together to ensure success. 

In addition to these opportunities, teachers will always communicate home any concerns or achievements, however minor they may be.  For poor conduct and academic concerns it may be just an email or a more formal report or 'Alert' outlining the concern and what we are doing about it.  Should it be an Alert, parents are invited in to discuss the issues and how we might work together, coming up with a joint plan to tackle the problem.  On this plan will be the agreed targets between the student, the teaching staff and yourselves, the parents.  We can then work together to make sure these are met.

The communication and relationship between student, parent and school is an essential part of the criteria for student success.  Parents are welcome to contact teaching and administrative staff via the Schools email and make appointments to come in and have formal meetings.  Furthermore the Secondary School Office has an open door policy and always welcomes parents.  We all have an equal part to play in the success of a child and communication between us is key to a child's development.