Pre-school info

Calendar and times:

The Preschool level is made up of students of Pre Pre Kindergarten, Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten. The schedule of Pre-K and K is organized by a bimestersystem. The school calendar begins in early August and ends by the end of May with a 3-week break from mid-December to mid-January.

The Pre-K students attend school from 8:00 to 12:30 or 8:00 to 15:15 (optional) and Kindergarten students from 8:00 to 15:15.

Pre-Kinder Students Benefit from:

English Immersion: All instruction in the Pre-Kinder class is given in English; teachers are all bilingual.

An Age-Combined Classroom: Students perform activities, such as the meeting in a circle (circle time). Age-combined classrooms are beneficial for the younger children in the group as they learn skills and concepts quickly from their older peers. This also allows stability of the learning environment and teaching team for two consecutive years. In this way, teachers provide emotional security and simultaneously create strong ties between students and their teachers.

A Warm, Caring Environment:  AIS/B teachers care about their students and place a great deal of effort in the process of teaching, including ensuring that each student is learning and that their emotional and academic needs are met.

Physical Education, Art and Music Classes:  All Pre-Kinder students take physical education classes twice a week.  Art and music are taught by their classroom teacher.

Events and Projects:  Annual Walkathon, Talent Show, Annual Folkloric Dance Festival, Holiday Season Show, Field Trips, Bake Sales, and parties for various holidays.

The Pre-kindergarten students leave Pre-Kinder recognizingthe letters of the English alphabet and numbers up to 10. Upon completing kindergarten, most children master basic English reading, know basic concepts of natural science and solve basic math problems.