The Parent Club

Each year, the Parent´s Club receives a budget. A Committee of parents is responsible for using this budget to support activities that address the needs and interests of the school community.

The Parent´s Club Committee holds monthly meetings to plan for upcoming events. Every parent or guardian is an automatic member of the Parents Club. All are welcome to lend a helping hand and strongly encouraged to attend any of the monthly Parent Club meetings to share their new ideas.


Throughout the school year there are many opportunities for parents to get together:  Back to school Night, Thanksgiving, International Fair, etc.


Each homeroom class has one or more parents that assist the teacher with field trips and performances as well in birthday parties.

The Library and Media Center offers many titles for the students and welcomes parents to participate in lectures.

 The Parent Club is not involved in any way with school personnel issues, policy, policy-setting, behavioral or curriculum issues. Those areas are dealt with exclusively by the administrators, principals, and Director.